Meet the Bespoke Team

Meet the talented artisans who bring passion and precision to every appointment at Bespoke The Salon By Gina Lariccia. Led by Gina Lariccia herself, our team is dedicated to providing unparalleled service and craftsmanship, ensuring every client leaves feeling rejuvenated and confident in their beauty. Ensuring that every service is precsion detailed Gina Lariccia is our featured Stylist. She has been in this industry for 28 years.. Joining Gina once a month is national award winning and touring color superstar Brandi Miller The -winning and touring color superstar Brandi Miller The Exclusive. Working behind the scenes in the back office is Marlin. Marling brings her Business Degree to Bespoke. Gina & Marlin have been with Bespoke since the inception in Westport CT and love how charming and inviting Milford is.