So Many New Changes starting June 1st

So Many New Changes starting June 1st

Gina Lariccia Garcia | May 22nd, 2024

My head has been spinning as of late. My hours at Bespoke will now be Thursday-Saturday from 9am-9pm. I am joining the team of a franchise salon. One that I have worked for in the past and is the largest salon chain in north America. The choice to do this was not made lightly. Since the inception of Bespoke . as Robert Alley and myself formulated this model , I have been putting 100 percent back into the salon. I have a great team and new collaborations that are truly going to enrich the suite and myself personally. I have always made the choice to be working rather then being at home. When I was engaged that was different as he did not want me working as much but now as I navigate newly single , I am learning that “idle time is truly the devils workshop” and that rings even more true in my case. I love my new employer. A huge contrast to my former franchise owner. While they perhaps have similar objectives, there is a vast contrast to their approach and intent.
With national award winning colorist Brandi M. Miller starting on July 22-28 and making BESPOKE an official stop on her national tour her guests deserve an intimate service journey. The Salon Suite at 112 square feet is meant for a one on one service journey and I feel that not be present is fair and her guests and her deserve that much.
Its truly a great opportunity right now. Being independent can be very daunting;. There is no team to produce revenue that no matter what your schedule consists of there is a commercial lease to be upheld and a team on the back end that count on me as the active CEO. This consistency in pay will allow me to be the supporting leader that I aspire to be. Please make sure to book your reservations accordingly.