Gina Lariccia Garcia | April 19th, 2024

This seems to be the word of the moment. Its funny how I hear people use it. Scale. Scaling. It ultimately totally different for every type of business. I am very aware that being a salon suite is a totally solo business. Am I thinking about the whole salon suite concept to much? I see a lot of my fellow suite owners using square as a pos and doing their clients on their way from the hair store. There is not a damn thing wrong with that. Your busy. You keep it simple. That is the way my mother sees this to be. I am hyper aware that I am not a hair salon. I will say suite more then you will hear me say salon.
For my business I feel that I am in the scalING stage. Meaning the stage is set. The correct systems are in place. Personally as a suite owner thats not booked solid…It is Ideal to have 5-10 brand new guests per month. Not referred.. Clients that read reviews, website then BOOK NOW. That must happen monthly for 1 full calender year. I am in my third month of that formula. I am nervous that will stop.
Marketing is a big expense. Majority is Reviews but there is a little pay off from SEO and Social Media however youu have to trust. the team your paying because a lot of that is smoke and mirrors. Service Business providers the formula is reviews but I am patiently waiting for the very team that built this gorgeous website GLAMATTIC PRO. Kylie the main designer on BESPOKE advised me that a JULY start on SOCIALS was good that theres other back end stuff she is planning and I trust her and GLAMATTIC and you have to trust marketing teams cause good work is expensive but hey.. Why would I not invest it on making this suite as busy and profitable as possible. JULY is the start of attacking social media. Thank god they have a team cause I hate that. Until then. I shall continue to do stunning hair with my whole being with the best products and technology possible. and PRAY. basically