Gina Lariccia Garcia | February 21st, 2024

Gina is proud to be board-certified by BABE HAIR & AQUA EXTENSIONS on all methods of Human Hair Premium Hair Extensions. So here are the methods used in order by price point. From the most cost-effective to the largest investment and why? At Bespoke Suite Your Extension Service Includes Post Care Retail products that are designed only for Hair Extensions. That is our gift to you.

-THE TAPE IN METHOD- The Tape-In Method is very commonly used. It allows for each section of hair to be more dense therefore promoting more density. It is also the least time-consuming. Ranging from just 30 minutes for adding volume and/or color to 1 hour for length as well as body. The deposit on extension services is just the purchase of the hair. Tape in Hair Requires 1-2 bags for volume and 3-4 bags for length. 1 Bundle of Tape-In Extensions customized to your texture and color range $150-$200 a bag of hair. The hair can be used in up to three installments. Tape In Extensions will last from 3 months to 6 depending on the way the hair is manipulated. Installation can range from $150-300. After coming to the suite or requesting a ZOOM meeting or a SNAP SNIP report a price can be generated. This is the most cost-effective and long-lasting result.

WEFTED AND HAND-TIED METHOD- These extensions are sourced and made by hand, it takes approximately 8 to 10 hours to create one individual weft. The hand-tied weft is flat, and flexible, and lays close to the clients’ scalp giving a more natural look. Hand Tied Weft Extensions are the fastest way to apply comfortable volume and length on the market, the entire application takes less than two hours. The wefts lay close to the scalp and feel the most natural. You'll find many color options to make our extensions seamless in feel and color. Choose from Balayage, Duo-Tone, Rooted, and Natural Colors in our Hand Tied Weft Extensions. The WEFT technique is hand-tied so there is no exposure to glue or anything at the base of your scalp leaving a weightless experience lasting for six months or beyond. The Hair can range from$400-$700. Installation can range from $400-800.

-FUSION AND/OR KERATIN TIP- The hair extensions have a comfortable tension-free 360-degree movement on the head. They can be completely customized to achieve a full look, fill out fringe, or be paired with other systems to fill in the hairline, and will match your guests' hair density perfectly. 25 strands per package with flexible 100% Italian Keratin for long-lasting tips Lasts 4-6 months 5-7 packs for a full head. Each bundle of hair ranges $150-250.

Gina often refers to this as the Plastic Surgery of the Hair. Her Main objective is that you are the correct candidate and that the correct technique is being used for you. Bespoke Suite is thrilled to offer VAGARO PAY IN 4. VAGARO pays for your services and hair and in 4 zero interest payments to VAGARO, it is paid off. Bespoke also takes Pay Pal Credit and PayPal Later. Please don't, let a life-changing and long-lasting hair dream pass you due to the price point.